Monday, 21 December 2009

Fuji Quickload - RIP

Earlier this year I was convinced Quickload film was dead (Velvia 50 in particular was impossible to get hold of during the summer and my supplier told me there would be no more Velvia 50 in Quickload format). Having only just converted to the format I was very relieved when Fujifilm UK confirmed new stocks were arriving in the autumn.

Well guess what? My relief was rather premature and it seems Fujifilm has indeed decided to stop Quickload. More details are on BJP. From April 2010 it will be no more.


Still, the good news is that 4x5 sheet film will continue and will soon ship in boxes of 20 sheets rather than the pitiful 10 we currently get. Perhaps this will mean a small saving in costs over the 10 sheet boxes which are still considerably cheaper than Quickload sheets.

Not sure whether to stock up and fill my freezer with Quickload or just simply resign myself to lugging more film holders around.

Does anyone know of a decent storage system available in the UK for 4x5 film holders?