Friday, 26 March 2010

New Images - Bristol Harbour

New images added today from Bristol Harbour. As I have previously posted, I'd not explored the harbour in Bristol for many years and I was rather taken aback at the pace of change there. Gone are all the empty wastelands where once stood warehouses etc. and in their place many modern buildings and apartments. There is still plenty of the harbour's history left behind as a reminder of times long gone.

More pictures are available in my archive. Just use the search facility in the right hand column.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Image of the Week - Wrington, Somerset

An oldie from the archives this one. Found while searching for material for a submission I was putting together This week.

As I recall I had been frustrated by a spell of very wet weather one December about 4 years ago. When the skies unexpectedly cleared one afternoon I grabbed my camera and went for a walk in the fields by village for some much needed therapy.

I know this field well and indeed my family refer to one particular oak tree that stands there as "Dad's tree" as I have photographed it so many times. However rather than get bored of it I enjoy the challenge of finding something new as the seasons change.

The recent drenching had ensured the field was waterlogged and covered in patches of surface water. Water is always great for dusk light as it allows for the inclusion of light and colour from the sky into the scene - something that's not usually possible in a field. I had found something new today.

I walked around for a while deciding which patch of water gave the best composition before settling on this one. With the sun setting to my right and a trace of cloud drifting behind the trees I was hopeful of a little splash of pink in the dusk sky.

I extended the perspective to emphasise the waterlogged field by positioning my camera low down to the ground with a wideangle lens attached. 20 minutes or so after sunset I made my exposure. Focussing the camera so low to the ground involved kneeling in the mud and it was a messy experience. I was grateful I had only a 10 minute walk to reach home.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Outdoor Photography - Viewpoints

Yet again I blink and another month or so rolls by without a posting. So, a little belated this one, but I had a short piece I wrote on Rhossili Bay in Wales for the Viewpoints section of Outdoor Photography published last month (March edition).

Coincidentally (on a concious level at least) I decided to visit Mewslade Bay just a little way along the south coast of the Gower from Rhossili last week. I managed to miss the turn off for the beach and ended up in Rhossili. Rather than turn round I decided to park up at Rhossili and take a leisurely stroll along the coast path to Mewslade Bay.

The tide was out when I arrived which is not the best way to go about photographing beaches and so I found myself being chased up the beach by the incoming tide. There are lots of places to get trapped at Mewslade so you need to keep a close eye on the tide - it's easy to become distracted when composing a photograph. With an hour left before sunset I had run out of pristine beach and cliffs.

Had I parked up at the end of the footpath as I had intended I may have simply driven straight home, but I had to walk back to Rhossili and on the way back my mind turned towards the possibilities that awaited me there. I was soon on the beach setting up in anticipation of a beautiful dusk afterglow. I wasn't disappointed