Saturday, 4 February 2012

Winter Has Arrived!

In my previous post I asked "what happened to winter?" Well today it appears to have finally arrived, for some anyway. While most of the country is bracing for the usual British way of dealing with the coming snow (panic and chaos!), here in rural North Somerset it's making a feeble half hearted effort to snow then instantly melting.

I'm not really expecting to wake up to a winter wonderland tomorrow morning, but for the last couple of days it has been cold enough for the central heating to stay on a bit longer. The upside to this is that while the average room temperature remains roughly the same, the extra heat radiation and warm air off the radiators helps make me feel a little more comfortable sitting here at my computer.

Anyway, the wintry feel has reminded me of some winter images I wanted to share of a local landmark up on the Mendip Hills near Priddy. It's getting on for 6 years since I made these images, but armed with the latest software and drastically improved skills, I have recently re-worked them.

The area you see in these images is the site of an old Roman lead mine works known as the Priddy Mineries. The site is classified as Site of Special Scientific Interest and is rich in wildlife including rare amphibians, dragonflies and butterflies.

The unseasonably late snow (this was March) had arrived overnight and I was fortunate to be the first photographer on location that morning. Not a footprint to be seen, but there were plenty of mine there by the time I left!

I visited the area about two or three years ago and Waldergrave Pool was almost completely overrun with reeds. It was barely recognisable. I hope things have improved since then otherwise by now there's can't be a pond left. I must pay a visit soon and find out.

Just looked out the window to see the earlier snow has now turned into rain. Oh well, next time maybe.