Thursday, 7 March 2013

Memories of Spring

A couple of mornings ago I was chiselling ice of the car windscreen, then as the sun rose in the clear blue sky I felt warmth on my face that I had not experienced for several months. The birds were out singing and there was blossom on the fruit tree in the garden. Spring was here!

My excitement was short-lived though as the next day the clouds were back and today it's cold, raining and feels nothing like spring. The forecast suggests we're not going to get that sunshine back for a while.

Daffodils at Ashton Windmill, Somerset
Daffodils at Ashton Windmill, Somerset

To make up for this disappointment I thought I'd share a spring picture of March Daffodils but I was surprised to find I don't actually have many images of Daffodils. Something I must rectify. Anyway, I did find this one from a visit to Ashton Windmill a couple of years ago.

By coincidence this is a location I am hoping to photograph at night when the weather allows. Watch this space....

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