Friday, 22 March 2013

More Memories of Spring

After my previous post about the lack of spring things have decidedly taken a turn for the worse. Instead of a planned photo and video shoot for my daughter's band on the coast today I have been sat at my desk watching the rain. Everything north of the M4 motorway has, or soon will have, several inches of snow and much of the soutwest is either flooded or is under threat of flooding. What is going on?

I can't work out if spring is just a little shy this year or if winter has decided to stay. I cannot wait for some greenery on the trees. Much as I quite like the winter months, it really is time for winter to move on.

My list of locations to visit this spring is growing and I cannot wait to get out the door. This is one location I am keen to get back to with my Large Format camera. Barton Wood in Exmoor National Park in Devon. A wonderful woodland through which the East Lyn River flows and meets Hoaroak Water at Watersmeet.

For relaxation, there is little that can beat spending the day working with this camera beside a peaceful river in woodland.

The images you see here were made a couple of years ago on a DSLR while exploring this woodland and I've been itching to get back with a larger camera ever since.

Roll on springtime.....

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