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Friday, 26 March 2010

New Images - Bristol Harbour

New images added today from Bristol Harbour. As I have previously posted, I'd not explored the harbour in Bristol for many years and I was rather taken aback at the pace of change there. Gone are all the empty wastelands where once stood warehouses etc. and in their place many modern buildings and apartments. There is still plenty of the harbour's history left behind as a reminder of times long gone.

More pictures are available in my archive. Just use the search facility in the right hand column.

Sunday, 31 January 2010

New Images - Bristol at Dusk

I have just added a selection of new images taken during the dusk hours around the City of Bristol's Harbourside area.

This area has undergone a dramatic change over the last 15 years or so with modern architecture and sculpture mixed in with some of the old industrial relics of Bristol's historic Harbour.

I spent a few days photographing the Floating Harbour during October last year. While I came away with a large number of images, it was the wonderful sky at dusk that presented the best light for photographing the modern architecture.

The architecture made an ideal subject for a view camera but an unfortunate side effect of dusk coinciding with rush hour meant there were lots of people about. The view camera proved to be an ideal excuse for many passers by to stop for a chat and, on occasion, unwittingly disturb my timing of a long exposure. Still, on the plus side, the long exposures required in the low light effectively erased all human life from the scene. Photographing Pero's Bridge without anyone walking over it, for example, would otherwise have been impossible without being arrested for obstruction of a public highway!

Thursday, 28 January 2010

New Images - Wells, Somerset

Just added are a selection of new images from the historic city of Wells in Somerset taken last year in the autumn.

With a long history, much of it centred around the magnificent cathedral, Wells is the smallest city in England. It is a favourite place of mine in the Autumn. It's actually a fine city at any time of year, but it's relaxed pace becomes especially relaxed once the summer visitors have left. The position of the setting sun at this time of year makes the West face of the cathedral a fine subject to photograph at the end of the day too.

Friday, 4 September 2009

New Images - Bristol

Despite living just over 10 miles from Bristol I rarely visit the city. I am naturally drawn to the countryside and I admit have little interest in the concrete jungle of our cities. Bristol does have it's fair share of concrete monstrosities, but it contains some wonderful architecture too.

I found myself outside the home of Bristol City Council, one beautiful day in April this year for my Brother's wedding. With an hour or so to kill I was faced with a dilemma; Photograph the area or visit the coffee shop on Park Street. I chose the former, but as it happens I managed to fit in a quick espresso too!

The Council House was designed by the architect Vincent Harris and was built between 1938 and 1956. One of the better buildings built in Bristol during the 20th century and arguably the last significant building built before the drab grey concrete jungle phase of the last century took over.

In recent years a large chunk of the concrete disasters have been demolished to make way for modern glass and steel architecture. Not everyone is a fan of this new style I admit, but they have to beat the awful grey multi-story car parks they largely replace. One such building, the truly awful Bristol and West tower building in the city centre, has been partially demolished and partially refurbished in the modern style. Now the Radisson Blu Hotel, it was a pleasant surprise to see it finally completed.

I am very tempted to visit Bristol again later this year for some dusk images of the modern architecture around the re-developed harbour side. Watch this space.